Our Managing Director Misao Sano and three women had established it in 1988, and in next year 1989 former president Kiyoshi Sano started Shirane Senko Ltd as corporation. Initially we assembled Cassette deck, and supported manufacturing as “the hero under the edge”.

As of May, 2017, I, Atsushi Sano had became a representative director. I everyday hit various small walls and big walls, and fight against yourself who is the greatest enemy, and feels difficulty and joy of management beyond our limit.
With the help of many people and support, we have strengthened our collaboration with 45 wonderful employees and excellent partner companies, and in order to respond to changes in the world, we have cultivated our technology, know-how, and new fields since our founding. We are growing based on management principal of “Passion” and “Challenge”.
Our company principal is “The society with bright future by pursuing joyful living”, without being satisfying with he current status, we accurately respond to customer needs. My mission is to lead employees, family, and associated people to brighter future by the customers consider us as “Trust worth company”. In order to do so, we catch up the speed of consistently changing Automation industry such as AI or IOT, and enjoy the growth of every steps with the motto of “Those determined Tian”
We share the knowledge and skills from veteran to young, and we would like to continue our effort to company with bright future

                                                     CEO  Atsushi Sano


The society with bright future by pursuing joyful living

Our management goal is to be graced based on “Challenging “ to future, “Passion” to People. “Trust” “Honest” and “Gratitude”

Make a good person, provide good products.


Since we found we manufactured diversely products from a piece to ten thousand. We receive custom orders of circuit boards and plastic molding by corporate with partners.
We also respond to total assembling or sub-assembling orders.



We can manufacture diversely harness by semi-automize cutting cables and pressing process, then we can produce harness from 0.03sp that is used in control segment, to 250sp class that is used in high press. We can handle over 20m length, so we can manage any fields requirements.

molding harness

We take orders of any customer needs, and manufacture electric units and industrial units. We apply our experienced knowledge and skills in order to save the customer cost.

assembling aluminum flame

pipe arrangement unit

control unit

We provide not only the spec, but also operation friendly and maintenance friendly wiring technique. Wiring process is no automated assemble today, and the quality is depended by the workers skills. We operate certified skill training, so keep continuing the improvement of quality and more skillful workers.

Control Circuit Board

Control Circuit Board

Control Circuit Board

Shirane Seiko aim to achieve the goal of company that is trusted by the customers, so we assure the needs of the customers, and in order to provide trustful products,
we effort to improve skills with our “Quality First” and “Defects Free” ambitions.

1.We prevent quality problems by all staff would “Notice, Communicate, and Confirm”
2.We keep continue to achieve high level quality goal by observing regulation and legislation regarding to quality.
3.We value the communication and harmony to others with rapid and accurate motto.
4.We assure the quality improvement by sharing quality policy to all staff, re-arranging each segments’ goal, and reviewing goals regularly.
5.We act concretely based on the solid plans, and share the concept of improvement and orderliness of in-company environment.

Shirane Seiko developed Quality Management System based on the ISO Q9001:2015. We fulfill the following subjects by maintain the QMS.
(1) We consistently provide the “Quality and Service” with customer satisfy and regulation/legislation accomplishment.
(2) We progress the customer satisfaction by assuring regulation/legislation, and by applying steady QMS improvement.

(1) We will not provide any information which mislead customers before we receive orders, nor provide any information which is over the products limits.
(2) We provide information, that customer need and want, in timely manner during manufacturing process.
(3) We provide service and products which has no internal problems, by fulfilling QMS satisfaction during manufacturing.
(4) We plan maintenance service soon after products are handed to the customers. We provide necessary information in proper timing.
(5) We react promptly to irregular problems after the products are handed to the customers.
(6) We study the cause and analyze, and act properly and provide information if influence problems occurs after products are at the customers.

Compay's Name Shirane Seiko ltd.
Address company : Kuruwada-shinden 243, Minami-alps Shi, Yamanashi Ken, 400-0223
factory : Kuruwada-shinden 370-5, Minami-alps Shi, Yamanashi Ken, 400-0223
2nd Factory : Iino 2807, Minami-alps Shi, Yamanashi Ken, 400-0222
Size Factory : Land Area / 1,084㎡ Factory Area / 510㎡  2nd Factory Area / 100㎡
TEL 055-285-0290
FAX 055-285-6044
E-mail s-kmska@blue.ocn.ne.jp
Established May 23rd, 1988
Foundation March 1st, 1989
Capital 3million Yen
Executives CEO : Atsushi Sano
managing director : Misao Sano
Executive manager : Hideshi Kajihara
Auditor Momotoshi Muramatsu
Employees 45employees as of April 2018
Trading Bank Che Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ltd. Shirane Branch
Yamanashi Shinkin Bank Shirane Branch
Kofu Shinkin Bank Shirane Branch
Business Activities precision instrument, electric wiring unit, harness production, Screw assembling,
Semiconductor unit assembling, repair, circuit board, plastic molding.
Main Facility Cosmic927RX Wire Stripper CosmicM3025 Wire Stripper
Cosmic60R Jacket Stripper ORISCUT1000T Kodera Denshi C351Casting Thermostat Tank
Constant temperature machine  Hitachi 3.7KCompressor MAX LM-380T LETATWIN LAN-TST3Z LAN Tester

May 1988 Shirane Seiko is established for precision instrument assembling
March 1989 Shirane Seiko ltd is founded
July 2002 2nf Factory started
January 2005 New factory is started at Kuruwada-shinden
January 2005 2nd factory is closed
July 2005 Entry into Factory Automation business
April 2012 Repairing reproduction business start
November 2017 Repairing reproduction business start November 2017 2nd factory is re-start for business expansion